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Not buying JR pass, stupid me? 2007/10/19 01:13
Here is my plan: Not buying JR PASS because I have almost precise plan. Am I stupid?

3 nights in Tokyo : get around by Subway

Tokyo-Nikko-Tokyo: Nikko PASS

2 nights in Nikko: get around by bus

Tokyo-Kyoto : bus vs JR

bus 7 hrs 5000-7000 yen (save 1 night accom) vs JR 3 hrs 13000 yen

4 nights in Kyoto : get around by bus

Kyoto-Takayama : bus vs JR

bus 5 hrs 6000 yen vs JR (1 transfer) 6 hrs 12000 yen

Takayama-Kyoto: bus vs JR

bus 5.5 hrs 6500 yen vs JR (1 transfer) 4.4 hrs 13000 yen

Pros: By bus cheaper about 8500 yen and save one night while traveling on bus. Flexible JR ticket if needed e.g. if I want to get on Nozomi. No transfer worry.

Cons: Not comfortable.

by zantode  

if you're young 2007/10/19 15:19
I wouldn't worry about the bus if you're young. gonna be jet lagged anyways, so you'll have to recover in city instead.

JR can be nice, get a view, smooth, so worth it at least once (eg. on the way back up to tokyo prior to departure).

trains tend to be nicer for the long hops, but if you can sleep on a bus overnight, there you go - money saved.

of course, if you plan it right with a pass that'll take you places , trains are usuualy more convenient..


kyoto - dont' forget the rental bikes if it's sunny out.
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You should just get the JR pass. 2007/10/19 21:03
In the cities, like in Kyoto and especially Tokyo or Osaka, it's way easier to use a train most of the time. Buses and trains within the cities are about the same price, but trains usually have English and are way easier to figure out. Buses rarely have any English at all.
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Train of course but JR PASS 2007/10/19 22:19
Thank you. Of course I'll ride train and subway in town. My feeling was that JR PASS might not be worth for me because I can choose to buy train ticket or bus or subway.

Thanks anyway.
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ok 2007/10/19 23:55
I think your plan sounds fine, though I think that within Kyoto and Tokyo you would find it easier to get around by trains.

I've taken lots of busses and lots of trains in Japan, and I haven't noticed any difference when it comes to views.
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Train is better 2007/10/20 01:20
Theres a high chance of feeling nauseous when travelling via bus, and it is extremely uncomfortable, so unless you're on an extremely tight budget, i'll recommend you take the shinkansen instead.
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Not 6 hours 2007/10/20 01:55
It doesnt take 6 hours from Kyoto to Takayama. What are you catching anyways? But from your schedule, yes, you can of course save money if you really have to. Most people would not take the bus so many times for such long distances.
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fly from tokyo haneda to kobe 2007/10/20 02:30
we took a plane (10000yen with skymarkcheckin20beforeflighttime) from tokio haneda to kobe 5min to kobe station, 30min to osaka - here u can enjoy the evening&overnight and next morning 30min to kyoto...
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