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Itenerary ideas/questions 2007/10/19 03:12
I will be going to Japan next spring with my boyfriend(mis-May, after Golden Week). Were planning on 2 weeks. Id like to visit
Tokaname(my boyfriend imports pottery from there for his bonsai)
Magome then to
and I heard Kamakura is supposed to be a nice place to see.

Im wondering if this is too much or if theres room for more. I would like a few days in Kyoto, and atleast 2 for Tokyo. We would probably get the 14 day rail pass, and I was thinking of flying into Tokyo(Narita) and flying out of the Nagoya area(covering Tokanome at he end of the trip).
Also-is the hiking trail between Tsumago and Magome worth it or should we just see Tsumago and go on from there? Thank you for the replies. Ive been researching things but Im having trouble getting a good grasp of travel times between spots and knowing just what I should expect from the different cities, for example maybe some things are half-day trips? Thanks again
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Narita in Central Nagoya out 2007/10/19 17:17
For this itinerary you will not need a 14 day JR Railpass. Single tickets are cheaper, your only long distance travel will be Tokyo - Kyoto and Kyoto - Nagoya for the side trips to Magome / Tsumago and the pottery town of Tokoname.
If you like walking in Japanese landscape then do the hire.
Kamakura can be visited as a day trip from Tokyo.
The shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto takes 2 hours 30 min.
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Thank you! 2007/10/20 01:12
Ah, Good to know, thank you very much! If there are any suggestions for other day trips Id love to hear them! Which on that note-what would you recommend as far as bonsai gardens go? Im sure there are plenty to choose from-so any exceptional ones?
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