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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable prices? 2007/10/19 04:44
I was wondering about the prices of fresh fruit and veges. I know I can eat on the cheap at noodle shops and whatnot, but I know I'll need to get some fresh food in me as well. Are the prices comparable to the states(taking into consideraton whats in season of course)?
by K  

Higher than the states 2007/10/20 13:45
In my area, produce is more expensive than in the USA, and I lived in the Bay Area for 7 years, where the cost of living is pretty high.

I buy apples for breakfast each week, and they are 99 yen each. A package of 4 small carrots also costs 99 yen. There is a fairly wide selection of produce items in one of the larger markets I go to, but they are more expensive than in the USA.

I haven't had too much of a problem adjusting my diet here. My food budget isn't too much higher than in the USA, but I couldn't afford to make a decent sized salad here every night either.

My salary is really low though, so others may have different opinions.
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avoid convenience shops 2007/10/20 15:31
7-11 lawson and the like will charge you quite a bit.

Easily $1.50 for one banana, $1+ for an apple, etc.

Avoid Tokyo Station stores as well - they're selling up to $30 apples and other fruits, mostly as gifts.

supermarkets are decent, but generally expect most fruits to go for 2x+ the normal price until you've found a resonable supermarket. Also, some fruits are never really cheap - melons - because they're mostly used as gifts. In general, the lack of significant imports means the fruit prices are expensive since many are home-grown and raised.

Pretty much most things green and fruity will cost you until you find a decent supermarket, and then, you'll be suprised now and then. Definitely nowhere as cheap as the crazy low-priced Chinese/Asian supermarkets here in Los Angeles! (then again, some of these supermarkets in LA have been shut down due to food violations.....)

The lack of lots of vegis/fruits + high sodium Japanese foods is one reason they've got a high colon cancer rate, too.....

Now, as for crazy prices, talking about rice ....
by d =) rate this post as useful

Thanks! 2007/10/23 01:47
Thanks for the tips! As this is a vacation I won't mind paying a bit more for the food-though Ill keep my eye out for markets and now I atleast know how much things should run me, this way I won't think a $4 apple is normal...
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... 2007/10/23 10:18
Actually $4 can be the regular price for higher quality apples.

Supermarkets typically carry at least 3 classes of fruits: regular, higher quality, and packaged for gifts (which are the usually the high quality fruits put in nice boxes).

So for say 500 yen this is what you could typically buy:

Regular class:
3-4 apples
10 mikan
3-4 peaches
1 med bunch of grapes
1 basket of strawberries
5 bananas
1 mango
2 pears
3-4 nashi
3-4 oranges

High class:
1-2 apples
1-2 oranges
1-2 nashi
1-2 peaches
3-5 mikan

Melons are start around 1000 and can go as high as 20000yen

If its gift boxed be prepared to pay 2-5 times the per piece price.

Typical vegetable prices are a little lower than fruits. Per piece prices are typical, and they sometimes have different qualities of vegetable.

For example for roughly 125 yen you can typically buy:

1 carrot
1 high quality celery stalk
1 bunch regular celery
1 tomato
2 potatoes
1 head of lettuce
1 daikon
2 onions
1 avocado
1 cabbage

Also prices vary regionally and seasonally but this is as rough average of what I pay where I live.
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