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Takamatsu Castle and Okayama 2007/10/19 09:04
Hello there, I'm hoping someone can help me locate a specific historical site.

I am a Japanese-American, and two of my distant relatives have done research into our family tree on my fatherfs side to find ancestral links to a battle at a gTakamatsu Castle.h Unfortunately, I have no way to contact those distant relations.

One family tree document, which has since disappeared, mentioned that the castle no longer stands there, but that there was some type of monument there to the battle and castle. I believe it said there was a plaque, which I think included my ancestorfs name. It probably mentioned the exact city it was located in, but I donft recall, I havenft seen it in a long time.

The second document also mentioned Takamatsu castle, the battle, and specifically the city of Okayama.

So, all this time I assumed the castle once stood in Okayama. Since I am going to Japan next week, Ifve been planning on going to Okayama to see the site and the plaque. However, Ifve been doing research, and have only found ONE small reference to a Takamatsujo Castle in Okayama:


I have no idea if there is a plaque there or anything else to see, judging by that map. On the other hand, I have found many references to a Takamatsu Castle in Takamatsu, not Okayama:


What concerns me is that the description sounds similar to what I recall from the first document; that the castle no longer stands there, but there is a shrine. So, there is a small chance that the castle site I should visit is in Takamatsu, not Okayama.

Has anyone been to the site of Takamatsujo Castle in Okayama? Is there a plaque there, which mentions a battle and, hopefully, includes names of the Samurai that committed seppuku there?

Ifve tried to find out how to contact an Okayama City representative for assistance, but have come up blank.

Any assistance or ideas as to how to be sure would be appreciated. Ifve been getting nowhere for a few weeks.
by Paul H  

. 2007/10/19 13:12
Most likely refering to Takayama-jo in Okayama.

Most things -jo in Japanese means it is a castle.

Himejo-jo/ Osaka-jo /Himeji Castle / Osaka Castle.

Wikipedia does a write up for Takamatsu Castle that was in once present day Okayama:


The one sounds like the one you are looking for rather then Takamatsu Castle in Takamatsu.

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. 2007/10/19 13:13
I mean Takamatsu not Takayama
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Many Thanks 2007/10/19 13:23
John, thanks for the link! The wikipedia entry is exactly what I recall from the family tree document, details like the marsh, Totoyomi Hideyoshi, the siege & flood attack, etc.

Perfect, many thanks again!
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