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kindly advise winter itinerary in Kansai 2007/10/19 12:46
Dear all,

my family and I will go to KANSAI during 8-17 DECEMBER

please kindly check and advice anything if it should be change

Landing at 6 Wait for 7 to buy Surutto 3 day pass 5000 Yen
Go Rinku town (open at 11) then goto AEON next to Rinku
Go to Namba, check in Hotel

actually we want to go somewhere interesting around airport until 11.00 that Rinku town open

*** is it good idea to go Wakayama Castle?

*** i want to keep luggage at Rinku town's coin locker.
is there any coinlocker in Rinku town station
-----------------------------DEC 9 SUN
Kinkaguchi, Nijo castle, Toei Uzumasa museum,
dinner at Shijo
visit Fushimi Inari at night time

*** Is it worth to go Toei Uzumasa, the official site is in JAP only?

*** is it good idea to visit Fushimi at night?
if there is a light at Torii,
it must be another nice atmosphere.
does it have a light up in shrine?
-----------------------------DEC 10 MON
Byodoin temple, Kiyomizu, go to Nara
Kasuga shrine, Todaiji, Kofukuji

*** from Nara sta, how to go Kasuga?
*** from Kasuga, how to go to Todaiji?

-----------------------------DEC 11 TUE

USJ, i'm thinking to buy fast pass which is 3700 Yen additional
-----------------------------DEC 12 WED
Buy Surutto 2 day 3800 Yen

Himeji castle, Sannomiya
have Kobe beek, Kobe sightseeing, overnight at Arima onsen

*** pls advice about sightseeing spot in Kobe,
i read the information but still doesn't know where should I go
-----------------------------DEC 13 THU
buy Rokko Arima Katamichi Joshaken, use ropeway to Mt. Rokko
take bus to Hall of Halls, cable car to Rokko sta.
back to osaka
visit Kaiyukan aquarium

*** is there any interesting on Mt. rokko?
*** is it good idea to visit Hall of Halls orgel museum?

-----------------------------DEC 14 FRI, 15 SAT
Buy OSAKA Unlimited pass

Osaka Castle, Tennoji zoo, Aqualiner, Floating garden observatory, Museum of History, shitennoji Temple

*** What is Tsutentaku tower?
and Dotombori Gokuraku Shoutengai?
is it good to visit?

-----------------------------DEC 16 SUN
FREE shopping at Namba, shinsaibashi

-----------------------------DEC 17 MON
go to Kansai airport take off at 12.50

it's long question
really thank you for read them all.

looking forward to your advice and suggestion

sorry about poor english but my parent cannot use english at all
so i have to manage everything as good as possible for them

Thank you for your reply
by bikka  

. 2007/10/19 17:02
Can't advise you much, but I'll answer a couple things quickly:

For first day at Rinku, as long as you don't have something *really* oversized you will be fine. I went there before with my family and they were carrying big luggages - they fit no problem.

And at the end about Dotombori - it's a street with a lot of good food, and I would definitely recommend a visit if you're doing the free pass thing.
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. 2007/10/19 17:04
Quickly clarifying - it's one building in that street, where they have some good food. It has an admission fee usually, so I haven't personally went yet. There's a TV outside of that place though, which shows you what you would see when you go inside - take a look and see if it suits your tastes.
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