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mount mitake or Mount Takao 2007/10/19 13:23

which one to choose between these 2?
by hanter  

My opinion 2007/10/20 18:21
Having done both trails, it seems to me that Mt Takao is the more commercialized of the two. More people visit it, and many don't have any intention of doing any real hiking.

Perhaps it's just the time that I went, but Mt Mitake was considerably less busy and the views were a million times better at points. I remember being at the top of Mt Takao and there essentially wasn't a view. However, there was a nice view of the area in the middle, at the top station of the lift. However, if you are willing to hike to the top of Mt Takao and onward to Sagamiko Lake & train station, that hike is pretty worth it and will get you away from the masses. That extended hike was actually quite pretty. So either Takao & Mitake will get you a great "scenery" hike.

Mitake, however, has a trail of water-ish creek-side rocks, the "rock garden", and nice waterfalls. I found it generally a lot lusher than anything I saw at Takao.

So, what do you want? A genuine hike or a more family-style trip? I think once you answer that question, you can better decide which mountain you want.
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mitake 2007/10/22 07:49
thanks thanks, i know what i want now. thanks
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. 2007/10/22 08:15
Mount Takao has many different routes to the top, the main number 1 (i think) is the one you'll see many families, school groups take. But there are rougher or longer trails to the top as well.

Both are good hikes, depends on exactly what you want to do. The trick art museum near Mt. Takao is interesting.
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