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over-the-counter flu medicine 2007/10/19 14:47
i've been down with a nasty flu lately. i'd like to ask if there's any effective over-the-counter flu medicine that i can buy. one including anti-histamine would be great. thanks a lot!
by mika  

okusuri 2007/10/20 18:31
aneton(アネトン)from johnson&johnson works por me. you can buy them at matsumotokiyoshi drug store.
but if you have an influenza then you really need to see a doctor and get a shot.
hope you will get well soon!
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take care 2007/10/21 01:06
Mika, if it's just a cold and not influenza, there is at least one pharmacist in all drug stores and they always wear a white pharmacist coat. "Anti-histamine" is "anti-histamine" in Japanese.

Just go, ask them for "kaze-gusuri (medicine for cold)" and they'll call the pharmacist for you right away. Point to every part of your body that's annoying you, and they'll try to find the right medicine.
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