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Buying bicycle? 2007/10/19 15:14
I want to buy bicycle and dont know where to look for it. I am Tengachaya,Nishinari-ku, Osaka.

Any other suggestions on buying cycles is welcome.
by Rajiv R  

It depends 2007/10/20 23:44
It depends on what sort of bicycle you want and how much you want to pay, and what it's for.

You can find bikes just about anywhere in Megastores such as Homes, Tokyu Hands, etc.

But there are lots of heavy steel frame bikes with baskets on the front and no gears (or 3 speed), but these are only easy to ride if there are no hills. They range in price from about 12,000yen - 25,000yen.

If you want a nicer bike, then get an alloy (aluminum) frame bike (either hybrid or mountain bike). Brands like Giant, Kona, Mongoose, GT, Trek, Specialized are good brands. The cheaper ones start at about 35,000yen.

Megastores also sell mountain bikes, but they are often also heavy steel frame bikes.
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Thanks Sandy 2007/10/21 03:20
Thanks. My usage will be for daily use and not for heavy/mountain terrain.

- R
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Online 2008/1/2 22:26
I looked at Viva Home (ビバホーム), during special they sell about 13000 for a 3 speed standard style bike (commuter bike). On www.kakaku.com you can find a better 6-speed one for about 10000 delivered.

So I think I will buy through the results from kakaku.com.
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viva Home 2008/1/6 12:58
Correction, Viva Home like most other supermarket have 1 speed bikes with basket at 10000 yen.

Shops at Donki.com are reported to have similar pricing.

But the best deals I've found are still through kakaku.com
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Mountain bike 2008/1/6 21:46
Mountain bikes are not just for "heavy duty"...
Mountain bikes are often light alloy frames, so they are easy to ride. Many times I see people wheeling their heavy, steel "mega-store" bike up suburban hills, while I can just peddle my way up almost any suburban hill.
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Bicycles in Japan 2008/5/14 23:09
Make sure you get the paperwork with a new or used bicycle as the Tokyo police are stopping especially non-japanese and checking bikes.
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