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Cheapest JR pass in sydney? 2007/10/19 22:21

Does anyone know the cheapest place to get the JR 7 day rail pass? Iv been to a few travel agents and they all give the same amount of $286.

Thanks in advance.
by Andrew  

Maybe I'm confused... 2007/10/20 18:14
...but they should be the same price, right? The price is set for 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day passes in Japanese yen, and it would just be a matter of what the exchange rate happens to be on the day, that determines whether you'll get a cheaper or more expensive price. The difference from day to day would probably be pennies though. I would just go ahead and buy a pass from any place since JR passes, like most transit passes in the world that I'm aware of, are sold at the same price everywhere.
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kintetsu 2007/10/20 19:48
This is just what I've heard, but apparently yes some companies do charge extra on top of the official Japan Rail Pass price. However, I've heard that Kintetsu International Express sells them for the price that you can find on the JRP website, at the current exchange rate. At today's exchange rate it should probably be something around $277 AUD (not much of a saving really).

This is their address and phone in Sydney:

2 Park St
Sydney, NSW 2000
(02) 8251 3333

They also have an office in the Galleria George Street. (I'm a Melburnian so not 100% sure).

You should probably give them a call and see if this info is correct however.
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fx rate 2007/10/20 20:03
the fx rate is fixed once a month or week (can't remember which), and uses a rate about 3% worse than the market rate, so 286 v 277 makes sense
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JR PASS 2007/10/20 22:17
I received this prices last Firday.They may charge you for postage.

Japan Rail Pass prices:

7 days ordinary $271

14days ordinary $431

21days ordinary $552

Sammas Travel & Tours Pty Ltd

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cheap! 2007/10/20 23:40
Wow that price is super cheap liam!
Is that the one in Chadstone/Mt Waverley?
What's the catch?
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But if you want a ghibli pass too..... 2007/10/21 12:32
If you are planning on going to studio ghibli, get your pass through JTB in Melbourne. (They accepted my order by fax, I'm in Sydney), that wayI could get ghibli tix and my JR pass at once, less stuffing around.
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JR PASS 2007/10/21 20:49
Hi jackie ,
No catch! I purchased JR PASSES thru them in the past.In fact, planning to order again soon for my coming trip in NOV.
Give them a call to find out.
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JR pass insurance 2007/10/22 00:06
I was about to book the JR pass online today for $286. However there is a $12 insurance fee added per tkt. Then also a postage cost, which i can understand. Is that what others have found? is that insurance compulsary and what does it insure me for?
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JR PASS 2007/10/22 14:24
Hi Zeeva,
I have just purchase 14 day JR PASS thru Sammas travel.
NO extra charge ,Just $430.
Give them a call,pay by credit card and ticket will be posted within a few days.

* Tel: 613 9888 2886 / 9806 2628

Fax: 613 9806 2629
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thanks liem 2007/10/22 20:45
Thanks for the info i'll call them first thing tomorrow morning...
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