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tokyo and osaka 2007/10/20 00:37
Hello! Please comment on my planned itinerary to Japan:

DAY 1. Dec. 24, arrive at Narita Airport at 8:30pm and will take the free shuttle bus to Mercure Hotel Narita. (What if our time of arrival is delayed, do I need to contact the hotel? Coz Ifm afraid that we might miss the bus, haha)

DAY 2. Travel from keisei narita sta. to akasaka-mitsuke sta. at 9am. (Will it be more convenient for us to travel during that time with many luggages? Do stations weigh the luggages or what I mean, is there luggage limitations?) After leaving the luggages to the hotel, wefll go to Sanrio Puroland.

DAY 3. Whole day to Disneyland.
DAY 4. Whole day to Disneysea

DAY 5. Half day to Mt. Fuji and overnight in Tokyo. (Is it ok if I will just buy from JR Bus Kanto the ticket to Mt. Fuji on the day of departure? Wonft it be fully book during that time?) In Mt. Fuji, what are the other nice places to see other than the five lakes? Are they walking distance?)

DAY 6. Wefll check out from the hotel and spend a Half day Tokyo (Hato Bus)tour. (Is it ok to leave first our luggage in the hotel until midnight?) Afternoon to akihabara. (What is the closing time of the train station from akihabara to Tokyo? Wefre planning to spend the time there while waiting for the overnight bus to Osaka. Is it ok to buy the overnight ticket from JR Bus Kanto the day of departure? Wonft it be fully book during that time?)

DAY 7: Rest at the hotel near Osaka station. (What are the recommended place to see in Osaka?)

DAY 8: Go to Universal Studios Japan. (Is it open on Dec.31? Is it crowded?)

DAY 9: Osaka Sta. to kansai airport. (What is the earliest time of jr kansai airport train? Is it open even if itfs Jan. 1?)

Thank you very much. I really appreciate if you could guide me.

by anna  

Culture? 2007/10/21 12:42
I'm sorry, I don't wish to sound too severe, or anything, but it sounds a lot like a tour of mostly western amusement parks, with Sanrio Puroland as the Japanese one, plus Akihabara & Fuji thrown in.

I can't see how you will do Fuji in half a day.

Were you planning to visit some places with a bit of Japanese culture?
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I concur 2007/10/21 13:53
I as well, find it odd that you would go to a great country like Japan and only do the most American of things. Personally I find no reason to ever visit Disney Japan, as its goal is to simulate the Disney found America for the Japanese.

Visiting Mt. Fuji in half day, would be of rush, and ruining any enjoyment such tranquility offers.
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Re: culture? 2007/10/21 14:05
My younger sisters are a fan of Disney so while getting around Tokyo, we really don't wanna miss it..haha..

We'll gonna take a half day tour in Tokyo and that will cover nice places like asakusa kannon temple, imperial palace, etc. If we have spare time, we're planning to go to museums. Are there temples near akasakamitsuke area? We donft want to go far because we might not withstand the cold weather

Thank you very much! Please help me with my questions.
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cold 2007/10/22 19:08
You will get far colder at Disneyland & Disney Sea, than any place in Tokyo!!!!

Instead of going to Osaka day 7, then Osaka Universal Studios on Day 8, you should go to Kyoto day 7, then Osaka midday, day 8.
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