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Burberry blue label handbag 2007/10/20 01:21
I livein the united states. Is there a way that I can buy a blue label handbag on line? or can I order it in one of the stores in your country?

Thank you.
by eye  

well... 2007/10/21 06:13
check out the other thread on Burberry, I believe your question has been answered there
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Toronto has them 2007/11/3 12:26
If you have a chance, come visit Toronto, Canada. There's a Chinese mall named: Pacific Mall in Markham area, there's at least 1 store in that mall that sells them.
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Where in PM 2007/12/7 11:15

I am from Toronto myself, if you could tell me the store name, that will be great, a little lazy to hunt around PM, its a mess in there.

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