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Manga University Question! ^^ 2007/10/20 02:28
I have heard that a manga University exist in Tokyo! Has anyone ever seen it or been there? Im very interested on attending it to further my Manga skills! ^^ thanks everyone!
by Jake E.  

Tokyo Kogei Daigaku 2007/10/21 13:54
The Tokyo Polytechnic University now has the Department of Manga. Strangely, I can't find info on the English version of their website. Why not inquire directly for details?

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Kyoto Seika University 2008/2/6 11:42
I really want to go to KSU and so when I was researching on universities to learn manga production-- I found KSU and I really fell in love xD; But, thanks! Now I know another university to see if I can get into! ^_^ I'm learning Japanese and I'm currently in Intermediate classes xD;
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What is up with Manga University??? 2008/2/29 06:33
Yo' guys

About this university bussiness is it really there? and how can I get to it , because i am begining to have some problems with my storylines and my drawings. Someone call tokyopop or something!


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well... 2008/3/27 06:52
there is a manga university in Tokyo, but I haven't seen it. Sorry.
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Sa'l good 2008/6/29 03:14
Well i may be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto next year will my school hopefuly i will get to check out the college.
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