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Hotels with showers 2007/10/20 12:31
Are there hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, with your own private shower in your room?

If so, roughly how much would a nightly stay cost?

If not, are there rooms with your own private bath? And how much would those roughly cost?
by nn  

. 2007/10/21 02:38
Almost all hotels have private showers.

Lodging that don't include private showers would most likely be: Dorms, hostels, ryokans (depending), capsual hotels.

Otherwise any regular hotel will most likely have private showers in the room. As for prices, well they very greatly from small business hotels (around 6000-7000 JPY a night) to very high end hotels at 40,000+ JPY a night.
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Oh. 2007/10/21 03:44
I dont know why, but I was under the impression that most hotels had just public baths. From some pictures I seen, it seemed that way anyway.

Thanks for your help John.
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hotels 2007/10/21 09:16
Hotel rooms in Japan look like standard hotel rooms anywhere in the world, but possibly slightly smaller.

The range of prices here is comparable to those in the States or EU countries- there are one star to five star prices so a huge range.
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minshuku 2007/10/21 13:28
I think John meant to say ''minshuku'' instead of ''ryokans''.

But then, while minshuku only has showers down the hall, you get to use them all by yourself taking turns with the other guests, as you would in European hostels.
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... 2007/10/21 13:37
Many ryokans do not have in-room, private shower/bath, you need to look at the room description. (Or maybe the ones that are advertised intended for overseas visitors tend to have private shower/bath, but those I find in Japanese brochures often lack private bathing facility in-room.) So saying "depending" is quite correct I believe.
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