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Central Liner reservations 2007/10/20 18:16
Coming back from Magome, we had to reserve seats for the Central Liner stretch between Tajimi and Nagoya via a machine on the platform. We couldn't reserve seats the normal way even with our JR Rail Passes. Of course the price was no big deal and it was sort of clearly indicated in English but I was surprised that the system was so different from everywhere else when dealing with JR seat reservations. I'm starting to think that it must have been some kind of surcharge instead of normal reservations. Anybody knows more about the Central Liner and this system?
by Kappa  

Liner trains 2007/10/21 08:10

That's right, the "Central Liner" and other "Liner" trains are classed as local/rapid trains - not expresses. You don't reserve seats on these trains, but you do have to purchase a "seiriken" ticket, which is essentially just a surcharge. These usually have to be bought on the platform. I think the Central Liner is maybe the only train like this that runs regularly throughout the day. In the Tokyo area, Liner trains generally run only in the mornings and evenings for commuters, and will probably not be something railpass holders will stumble across.
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Re: Central Liner reservations 2007/10/21 21:28
Thanks Dave.
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... 2007/11/3 14:34
"Liner" trains are not covered by the Japan Rail Pass:
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