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does 125V for a charger works in japan? 2007/10/20 22:48
My k610i phone's charger is type C plug(two-wire plug that is ungrounded and has two round prongs) so i will use an adaptor which is a type a (two flat parallel prongs). This adaptor that i'm going to use is 125-250V. Will this work in japan? please help. thank you.
by Rin  

mobile phone 2007/10/22 02:57
Did you check you mobile will work in Japan? Most non-Japanese mobiles do not.
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Yes 2007/10/22 06:12
Yes, the charger will work.
Most chargers will work on 100-240volts and 50 or 60 hz. which covers the entire world, the only difference would be the prong, in which your case you have that covered.
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