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rental near ocean in Japan? 2007/10/22 12:06
I am looking for apartment or house rentals near the ocean in Japan (nearest to Fujisawa)...I thought I had the correct kanji for searching for ocean-view apartments...but I haven't come up with any real hits on google.jp. Can someone please help? Can someone point me to some ocean-view places near Fujisawa or tips on how to search for these places? I've been using a english-to-kanji translator, google.jp and then babel fish to translate the pages... I've found plenty in Fujisawa...just don't know how to find them near the ocean. I assume it is a completely different town/city...but I don't know what towns or cities are there and I am not able to select the kanji off of the google maps in order to search in google.

Help is appreciated. Thanks!
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... 2007/10/22 14:20
If you are in Japan already, I think it will be easier if you just go to one of those chain apartment rental companies - their rental apartment search sites often depend on the train line/station names as the key for searching. So if you have any specific conditions (such as ocean-view), you could go to an estate agent in Chigasaki City, for example, or in Kamakura city, to ask about such a place. By the way, both names as well as Fujisawa are in Kanagawa prefecture, not in Tokyo itself, unless you are talking about some other Fujisawa.
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Shonan beaches 2007/10/22 14:52
The areas of Fujisawa next to the ocean are Enoshima, Kugenuma Kaigan and Hon-Kugenuma, among others. Here are the kanji: ]mAC݁A{
Further south there is also Chigasaki- and Hiratsuka

These are all part of the Shonan Ó@
area, which is probably also worth searching for as it covers the whole southern Kanagawa coast.

Are you resident in Japan? If not, have you confirmed whether it is possible for you to actually rent an apartment?

Not wanting to sound too negative but none of the above beaches are the most beautiful in the world- if you just want an ocean view then fine- it does tend to be a bit hazy in summer though. If it's relatively clear you might catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, which is nice, particularly around sunset.
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beach rental... 2007/10/23 07:20
Thank you both for the tips and advice!

My husband and I are going there on business for a year+ in Fujisawa, and would love to stay on or near the ocean. I understand these beaches are not the most beautiful in the world, but if its possible, being on or near the ocean would be amazing. We are thinking...we can't afford to purchase a place or have the opportunity to rent a place near the ocean in the US...so why not in Japan if we are able to?

We will have help to search for a place once in Japan, but we would like to have places in mind beforehand.

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Shonan beaches 2007/10/23 09:57
Then the Katase-Enoshima or Kugenuma Kaigan areas, definitely. Around towards Kamakura is nice as well but even more expensive. Be aware that some landlords will not rent to foreigners.
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any luck with katase enoshima? 2008/4/25 00:39
Did you manage to rent an apartment at the shonan beach area? I happen to be going there for work too, googled for apartment at katase enoshima and was led to yr thread. If you are staying there nw, how is the environment? Any idea which agent should I approach and the estimated rental cost?
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