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Regarding my Dependent Visa. 2007/10/22 17:26
Dear friends,
Am prashanth a indian working in saitama area,
I think about this problem indians can help me,
my problem is am getting married on FEB 2008and my VISA of engineer 1year valididty will expire by MAY2008 , can i get a dependent visa for my wife ,as i have short period for renewal.

and one more doubt is,as am getting married on FEB she wants to come with me immidiate..so now i cant take COE as i dont have marriage certificate,but as am a resident of bangalore i have to go to chennai and this chennai japan embassy people say COE is compulsary. Is it that i cant go to mumbai embassy or Delhi embassy.....

if i get her in tourist VISA and then for conversion,,i think my VISA dont give way as it expires by MAY 2008 and iappy by MAR2008 ,

please any one help ,me or can u tell me that is thr any help desk in japan for me type of person to explain my problem and ask for solution....

Thanks in advance ,to all friends...
by Prashanth  

... 2007/10/23 09:03
Try to consult with an Immigration Bureau:
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Regarding Dependent Visa.... 2007/11/12 16:06
1. There might be an option to renew your COE.

2. You have to apply dependent COE with your marriage certificate. That is the proper way. It will take 3 to 4 weeks. Consult with your company.

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Dependent COE 2007/11/12 16:09
1. There might be an option to renew your COE before it expires.

2. You can check with Japan embessy in Delhi about short term dependent visa

3. Better apply dependent COE after ur wedding the pickup ur wife.

4. You can renew your wife COE along with yours.

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Re:thanks 2007/11/12 16:59
Thanks one and all,as am in process of inquiry with related office,as per ur reply.
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