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Bringing medication into Japan 2007/10/22 18:03
I am travelling to Japan soon and cannot find any information on whether I can bring travel sickness tablets into Japan. The ingredients are Dimehydrinate, Hyoscine Hydrobromide & Caffeine. I have tried searching the web without success.
by Shelley  

import 2007/10/22 20:05
In a quantity for your personal use I see no problems. Please read the webside of Japan customs about prohibited articles for visitors:
by Peter rate this post as useful

Thank You Peter 2007/10/22 20:42
Many thanks for your prompt response. The link was very helpful.
by Shelley rate this post as useful

check your medication 2007/10/23 09:58
The customs site is OK, but I've heard that even cold and flu tablets may not be permitted due to the contents. Best to contact the Japanese Embassy in your country. I always do that for any country I am travelling to, its really worthwhile
by Tracey rate this post as useful

Sudafed etc 2007/10/23 10:07
The banned ingredient in cold and flu tablets is pseudoephedrine- as long as it doesn't contain this one you should be fine.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Thanks 2007/10/23 17:23
Thanks everyone - I appreciate the help.
by Shelley rate this post as useful

Medicines in Japan 2007/10/25 10:41
I've been to Japan once before and am going again in Feb.

The advice given to me by the Japanese consulate was to get a prescription from my doctor for whatever drugs I was taking in (even panadol) and a letter stating what the drugs were for.

Then, when I got to Japan and Customs, the helpful staff member there simply asked me to write "medicines" next to the customs form where I had ticked "yes" to bringing in drugs.

You must declare them to avoid issues and explain they are medicine. It took an extra 2 seconds at customs, and everything went fine.
by Natalie rate this post as useful

medicine 2007/10/25 12:22
i dont know, but does the airport staff check what tyoe of medicine you bring?

last time i went to japan, it wasnt checked.
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It's a possibility 2007/10/25 12:58
They might. If they decide to open your bag and they see medication, they might well have a look at it. I have heard of people having Sudafed confiscated and being given a stern warning.
by Sira rate this post as useful

anone.. 2007/10/26 00:28
You can take just about any medications so long as it's not liquid or jel (they will permit with special documents for insulin or RA med/sometimes it has to be shipped) and if it's prescription just carry it in prescribed bottles with that label it's fine. What you don't want to do is carry all the medicaions in your carry on like you're smuggling. Best way is to leave them (things that aren't important, like cold med etc) in suitcases you check in at the airport and carry what's important with you. You don't need to carry but maybe one or two pills motinsickness pills during your flight anywho.
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liquids NOT okay? 2008/1/11 02:02
I've had bronchitis for months now. It's kind of ridiculous, really, and a bit worrisome, but that's not the point. I came back to America for Christmas, and was unable to see a doctor to get medication in that time. This weekend, I am returning to Japan and was planning on bringing a bottle of cold medication with me. Mostly for the plane trip, but also for work.

This medication is a liquid, Vicks 44, to be exact (no pseudoephedrine to be found, active ingredient Dextromethorphan). Over-the-counter stuff. Is there something wrong with taking liquid medications into Japan, or was that simply a by-product of the liquid ban on airlines?

by Janice L Mink rate this post as useful

only 3 oz 2008/1/11 12:36
If you fly out of the US, you have that 1 quart bag rule in which you have to put all your liquids. Each bottle has to be 3 oz or less. If you have a larger bottle, it will be confiscated by the TSA people. You might get it into two travel bottles to get a bit more with you, as long as each bottle is under 3 oz. On a trans-Pacific flight you could knock off 6 ozs of cough syrup with no problem.
by Anaguma rate this post as useful

Another question 2008/4/4 01:47
I notice that narcotics are a no-no on the list. I take Demerol for my migraines. If I get a letter from my doctor should it be OK or do you think they will confiscate my drugs? I hate to think that I'll have to think of creative ways of hiding tiny little pills in my luggage or other places........ ;)
by garfield55 rate this post as useful

narcotic prescription pain medication 2008/5/1 23:26
In talking to my Japanese consulate, I was told I have to call airport Customs in Japan in advance to declare that I'm bringing in narcotic prescription medication for back pain. Is this normal procedure and necessary?
by Ann rate this post as useful

Tramadol / Diclofenac / Valium? 2009/6/20 16:57
I read the link provided earlier in this topic but I still am not sure what to do. I take on a daily base Tramadol 3 times for severe nerve pain (in my country only on presciption), sometimes I take also Diclofenac and Diazepam (Stesolid - suppository) for relaxing tensed muscles. I didn't get a prescription from my doctor, he didn't want to give that, though I have a 'medicine passport' (unfortunately partly only in Dutch) administered by my pharmacy stating the names of the medication and how many times I use them. Because I will stay 4 weeks in Japan, I need to take about 100 Tramadol, about 10 Diclofenac and 10 Diazepam with me. What should I do? Do I have to report that to the customs? Do I have to declare it on a form, if so, how? I never took stuff like that with me, so I find it all confusing. And what if the customs don't allow me take my medication with me?
by Trudy63 rate this post as useful

no prescription? 2009/6/20 19:56
I didn't get a prescription from my doctor, he didn't want to give that, though I have a 'medicine passport' (unfortunately partly only in Dutch) administered by my pharmacy stating the names of the medication and how many times I use them.
Those medications are generally only on prescription, despite your doctor's reluctance. The passport you describe may suffice, but I would also have at least a letter from your doctor stating the need for the medication, and the amounts.
by fmj rate this post as useful

@ fmj and others who might know 2009/6/22 05:23
With prescription I meant giving me a letter in which my doctor stated he gave me these medications as a proof of being necessary. It's not that I mean how to buy it in Japan or so, I think I was not clear, sorry.

But still, do I have to tell customs? If yes, how? Stating on a form that I bring drugs into the country is I guess not a good idea. Coming from Amsterdam with drugs... hmmm, we do have a reputation I know. ;)

Can I take chances not to declare it and act innocent if they search my luggage and then - with that half-Dutch - medical passport explain or is that too risky?
by Trudy63 rate this post as useful

.. 2009/6/22 06:31
I actually can't remember how the customs form is worded, but I do remember not having to specifically mention the medication that we always have to carry.(whereas I do coming back into Australia)
.sorry, I know this is not overly helpful, but as drugs of addiction, and also specifically codeine and pseudoephidrine are the ones of most concern I don't think you'll have a problem...others may have much better info than this though.
AND I always carry medication, and supporting documentation, in my hand luggage: in case I need it (Asthma stuff), and also as its there and obvious if you are asked for a luggage search.
by fmj rate this post as useful

Now that it's too late... 2009/7/12 14:17
I am leaving for Tokyo in a week..I had heard that the "offical" form did no go when bring medications into customs, so I never applied. I am going to be in tokyo for 10 days and take vicodan for extreme back pain when doing alot of walking (and yes..of course I will be doing that), Has anyone actually taking a written note from their doctor and given it to the customs officer? What was the outcome? If you just took your meds with you in the prescription bottle how did that work out? Good grief this is causing huge anxiety and I haven't even left yet.. thinking I will be thrown in jail! I mean I could put it in a tyelnol bottle and mix it but rather not.. please help me out here..
by Caroline (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2009/7/12 19:46
Hi Caroline,
Am I right that one of the ingredients in Vicodan is Hydrocodone?
Hydrocodone is considered a narcotic and is banned in Japan. You can bring it in for personal use but you NEED to apply for a certificate from the minister for health, a letter from your doctor is not sufficient due to the nature of the medication.
Have a look at this:
Seeing as you are leaving in a week I think your best option is to see your doctor and have a different form of pain medication prescribed that is not from the same family as hydrocodone.

You could also try calling the embassy in your country to clarify what is and is not allowed.
by AusEz rate this post as useful

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