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Bushido - Taiko Drummers 2007/10/22 18:08
Hi everybody,
last week I saw a performance - band Bushido - taiko drummers. And I would like to ask you if somebody know this group...and if they have some web site??? Thanks
by ANETA  

Is this it? 2007/10/24 08:27
I'd never heard of them, but they seem to be touring eastern Europe at the moment.

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thanks 2007/10/24 16:16
Thank you very much. You are right ... they are in Europe now and they are so good. Thank you. Aneta
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about Bu-Shi-Do 2007/10/31 07:01
Yeah, I just saw them here in Macedonia and they ROCK
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yeah they rock..!!! 2007/10/31 08:37
I saw them too in Macedonia about a hour ago:))..and I search on my space, but there isn't any band whit that name:(
-if anyone know where can I download their music, pleace tell me!
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... 2007/10/31 09:35
No suprise you didn't find them on myspace. Japanese don't use myspace. You may be able to find them on mixi though.

Unfortunately I don't think there is any downloadable music available on the internet.
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Ajo @ Myspace 2007/10/31 10:03
A lot of Japanese do use Myspace, at least for music-related articles. Here is a page of one of the members from Bu-shi-do. Problem is I can't get the font right.
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... 2007/10/31 10:18
I stand corrected. I guess I should have said Japanese don't generally use myspace. At least not in any significant numbers and not nearly as much as american entertainers.

I just did a search on myspace for a number of popular Japanese bands and found sites for about 20 percent of them, however they all appear to be fan sites.

Something is weird with the writing on Ajo's page, no matter what kind of coding you put it though it doesn't come out properly.
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... 2007/10/31 21:36
I saw their magical perfomance yesterday ...words are trivial regarding my impressions
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... 2008/1/23 19:16
i saw them in bulgaria, but i cant find anything in the net except some pics. i think the problem with th font is because its written in japanese
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