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Shinkansen experience with limited time 2007/10/23 02:49
Tokyo 23-ku
I would love to ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo to somewhere and return the same day. I only have three days in Tokyo, but I'd like to fit this in. Any suggestions on a scenic route, with something historical to see at the destination. I'm staying near the Shinjuku station.
by Mike  

Shinkansen 2007/10/23 09:56
I suggest Kyoto its about 2 hours 40 mins one way and there'll be a shinkansen every 30 mins also Kyoto is on of the best places in Japan to see Buddhist temples etc.
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Odawara? 2007/10/23 10:26

A day-trip to Kyoto would be the most obvious suggestion, as above, but if you don't quite have time for that, how about just going as far as Odawara? The castle there is supposed to be quite interesting.
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Odawara 2007/10/23 12:48
Dave's suggestion is a good one.
It's costs about 3500yen to catch the Shinkansen, so it's not too expensive. You also have the option of taking the JR Tokkaido line back if you don't want to spend too much travelling back to Tokyo.

Odawara castle is interesting. It's a ferro-concrete rebuild, and the castle is ok, without being spectacular. Some other rebuilt castles are better. The grounds and the moat are what makes it more interesting.

If you like castles and want to go further than Odawara, you could go to see Kakegawa Castle. It costs 7650yen on the shinkansen (one way) from Tokyo. It is another rebuilt castle, but built using original materials and techniques. The original palace of the Daimyo is still preserved as an "Important Cultural Property" as one of the few remaining palaces.
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Thanks 2007/10/23 13:12
Great suggestions. I'll look into them. I think Kyoto would be the best, but I don't want to spend that much time on the train. Kyoto is my destination for my next trip to Japan anyway.

I appreciate your quick and helpful replies. Thanks
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Shinkansen 2007/10/23 13:59
Another possibility would be Sendai, its only 1hr 40 mins by Hayate Shinkansen, and travelling at speeds of up to 275kph.
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