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Panasonic Lumix FZ18 2007/10/24 01:00
Could someone be kind enough to let me know where would be the best place to buy a Panasonic Lumix FZ18? I will be travelling around Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo. I need an English manual, and can I claim GST in Japan as a tourist?
by KY  

Buying camera 2007/10/25 07:56

I would go to any discount electronic shop such as Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Laox, or Yamada Labi. You can find these all over Tokyo in places like Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara.
They may not have English manuals, but you should be able to download one from the manufacturer's website. Larger places will often offer duty-free sales, but if you want full English service/manuals, you should go to the Laox Duty Free store in Akihabara. That isn't the cheapest place, though.
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LAOX 2007/10/25 12:25
You are best of going to Laox, or one of the duty free places at Akihabara station. (Akky, Takarada, etc)
These will have English manual, software PLUS a world warranty.
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maybe cheaper home 2007/10/25 16:06
If you're in the market for a digicam, check the home market first. The conversion rate of the Yen plus current pricing may be more expensive.

eg. Japan:

and www.shopper.com


otherwise, when you get there, check to see if Sofmap 9 outside Akihabara JR has any good sales, and Bic Camera and Yodabashi as well. Sales give you amazing prices at times there, but otherwise, you'll have to hunt around a bit.

Memory cards are more expensive in Japan, so you an bring in your own SD card.

eg. US 2GB $13.
Japan, typically $30+.

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depends 2007/10/25 19:33
It depends where you live!!

Prices for digital cameras are generally about the same or cheaper in the US.

But in Europe, Australia etc, they can be 30-50% more expensive than in Japan.
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