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Beppu and alternatives ? 2007/10/24 19:40
We will travel to Japan from 10 to 30 November.

As we would like to attend the sumo basho in Fukuoka, we meant to go to Beppu as well. But after having read about this town, I am a bit concerned that Beppu may suffer from negative tourism effect (crowds, long waiting queues, kitsch).

So, what do you think about Beppu? If we went there, it would be on the weekend 16 18 November. Will it be crowded?

I meant to go to Kurokawa onsen as well, but wouldnt get accommodation.
Any good alternative between Fukuoka and Tokyo that is not too remote and not too expensive and has a really nice (may be romantic) ambience ?

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't . . . 2007/10/26 09:59
. . . know why there are so many Beppu-bashers out there. They are the same type that knock the 'depressing' bear park in Noboribetsu.

Beppu is probably the closest 'major' attraction to Fukuoka. Nagasaki and Kumamoto are about the same distance away, so it depends on your interests.

For me, the various hotsprings in Beppu are in about the same area so easy to visit. The small aquarium there is an interesting one and has been renovated. Right across the street is an open monkey park where monkeys roam free. It's one of only two I can think of right now in Japan (the other is on Shodoshima Island).

If you want a quaint romantic setting, Yufuin is just a stone's throw away by train. You can kill two bird's with one stone that way.
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miyazaki beaches rules 2007/10/27 02:16
miyazaki is beautiful. go visit the ashima shores with the beautiful black washboards and the pacific ocean waves. breezy and south pacific ambiance. take lots of photos so you can relish the moment!!!
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... 2007/10/27 09:13
Miyazaki isn't between Fukuoka and Tokyo though.

What kind of attractions are you looking for?
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... 2007/10/27 09:32
As a side note, Arashiyama has a monkey park where the monkeys roam free. Takaosan also has a monkey park but I think the monkeys are confined to the park mostly for the safety of the visitors.

Monkeys are actually quite smart and dangerous animals. And many people get attacked because they are mislead by the cuteness.
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Miyazaki 2007/10/29 04:33

Miyazaki sounds a beautiful option.
Thanks for that suggestion, @submit.

Sorry, I am not that much into watching monkeys, @yllwsmrf. I like beautiful landscapes though, and nice old towns and onsen.
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onsen village 2007/10/29 05:31
Since you're going to be in kanto, hyogo areas this location may interest you, good foods.... organic grown veg and etc

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I love Kagoshima and Ibusuki 2007/10/30 07:21
you can head more south to Kagoshima and Ibusuki.

Great train ride from Hakata to Kagoshima via the new Tsubame. I think it goes over 300km/h.

Kagoshima is great for shopping. This is the city where Satsuma Oranges are produced. The city smells like oranges, no kidding!!!! I stayed in Hotel Gastof--great priced hotel and staff are great. I like the Manager, he speaks great English.

In Ibusuki, you can try the sunmoshi--get buried in Japanese sauna/black sand. Really cute and effective to melt your ailments away. Day visit is fine.
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Yufuin/Shimonoseki 2007/10/30 10:06
Do you travel by air or shinkansen (from Fukuoka to Tokyo)? Beppu, Kurokawa, Yufuin (and of course Miyazaki and Kagoshima) are not between Fukuoka and Tokyo though they are very nice.

I've just been to Yufuin and despite its popularity (among Japanese), it keeps old Japanese landscape with rows and rows of rice fields. The town is not so big and you can easily explore the are on foot in combination with short taxi rides (when you get tired). Also retro bus/horse carriage takes you around the touristy spots. We stayed at Yama-no-hotel Musoen and its open-air bath is really great with a full view of the town and Mt.Yufu. Dinner was a full-course Japanese and more than enough!

Other options would be Shimonoseki/Moji, which is in between Fukuoka and Tokyo. It is a pretty port town and Mojiko Hotel is a very romantic hotel with a panolamic view of the port.
Shimonoseki :
Mojiko Hotel :
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... 2007/10/30 10:08
panoramic, I mean. Sorry for mistypo.
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Beppu is fine 2007/11/1 11:08
I recently spent three days in Beppu, and I wouldn't worry about the negative reports you've read (I read the same ones before I stayed there). Beppu certainly isn't "bad" by tourism standards (I would be surprised if you had problems with crowds in November, and there isn't very much "kitsch") - but, unless you're *really* into onsens, there just isn't that much to do there. It's a pleasant, if not spectacular, place to spend a few quiet days. I would recommend spending the weekend there. Be sure to do the "hells" tour and go to the beach to get buried in sand - both are pretty fun experiences.
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Mikan? 2007/11/1 14:07
-------This is the city where Satsuma Oranges are produced. The city smells like oranges, -------

Love mikan myself.
I checked out Kagoshima on website, didn't know such a place as this existed.
It's pefect. Sub tropical with onsen all around and the beaches. Thanks for this info, we would definitely consider putting Kyushu on out next iteniary. This place would be like Hawaii with onsen.
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I also . . . 2007/11/1 15:08
. . . am a fan of Kitakyushu (Mojiko and Shimonoseki). It is the most logical day trip from Fukuoka but sounds like the OP wanted another feather in the cap (big name) like Beppu, if it's a first visit to Kyushu.

Mojiko has retro-style buildings that have been restored (Western-type). They have a unique footbridge called the only one in Japan. There is a harbor promenade with gift shops. You can take a boat tour on a UFO-shaped boat. You can rent bikes and bike across the strait to Shimonoseki (via an underwater tunnel).

Shimonoseki has an aquarium and boardwalk along the strait, a picturesque orange temple, and a unique sushi fishmarket unlike any I've seen in Japan. Vendors sell arcane types of sushi (I tried rock lobster and raw king crab). There is a samurai district up the coast and spectacular views of the suspension bridge.

Finally, the area has the best fugu (blowfish) in Japan. It's cheaper in Mojiko. Best to have an early lunch as some restaurants run out of it. One restaurant even had onko nabe.

Wouldn't nescessarily recommend this area on a first trip to Kyushu, but it's underrated and somewhat off the beaten path.
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