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Nuts in Japanese food 2007/10/24 21:49
I have a nut allergy and I was wondering if many Japanese dishes use nuts or nut oils?

If I stated (in Japanese) that I was allergic to nuts would that be acceptable?

I don't want to see rude.
by Laura  

peanuts 2007/10/26 07:49
Peanut oil is not as common in ingredient in Japanese food as in other Asian countries, but it is worth getting a card printed out to show the waitress, yes.

There is unlikely to be nuts in any of the Japanese cuisine you try- sushi for example definitely doesn't have nuts in it! And Italian restaurants etc will also be fine.

The main worry would be cakes and sweets, and you would also want to avoid Chinese restaurants.

I think Uco has a child with allergies so she will probably be able to give more detailed advice.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Sira said it all 2007/10/26 09:01

The Japanese are very aware of food allergy. It will not be rude to refuse certain food due to your allergy. In fact, it's one of the most acceptable excuses to refuse food; they don't want to get you hospitalised!

Sesame is commonly used in Japanese cuisine, but hardly any nuts. Probably walnuts is the most commonly used type of nut, but only in certain menus.

You need to keep in mind however that Japanese cuisine is not at all the only cuisine you get here in Japan. Peole very commonly eat Chinese (which often contains cashews) or Western food (which contains a variety of nuts) and Southeast Asian food (with a lot of peanuts) is getting very common as well. They are often served in the same restaurant.

Be sure you you get your card translation checked by a reliable person such as your conceirge or host. Inform about your allergy to every waiter that serves you or every person that takes your restaurant reservation.

Still there's lots you can eat and a lot of chefs will even omit the nuts from their cooking just for you. Bon appetite!
by Uco, egg-allegy kid's mom rate this post as useful

Thank you for your help 2007/10/26 17:29
Thank you for your help. I will get a card printed, I had already learnt how to say it in Japanese anyway but a card would also be handy.
by Laura rate this post as useful

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