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Japanese fonts? 2007/10/25 07:51
Does anyone know if there are any Japanese websites that are able to sell Japanese fonts (either software or download) to oversea?

I have been searching through various japan website such as Multi-bits but they are not available to oversea customers...

by Jason  

Professional fonts? 2007/10/26 04:50
Here is a website containing many, many Japanese fonts for free.


If you are looking for professional OpenType fonts for professional cursive typesetting, then you can try this web site (which also has traditional hentaigana font too, I think), but the fonts here are not free:

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... 2007/10/26 06:28
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the links. I will give both a try. :)

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Japanese fonts 2007/10/26 16:34
XP/Vista has a basic set of Japanese fonts for free installed once you enable Asian lanaguage support.

eg. MS Mincho


Dynafont and Adobe are two examples of companies that have Japanese fonts for sale.


It's not hard to do a good search and find hundreds of free Japanese fonts online, either.
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