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Snow 2007/10/25 09:48

My family with two kids will stay in Tokyo and Osaka from 16-26 Dec. This is our first trip to Japan.

Please advise is there a ski resort or mountain where there is a likelyhood of seeing snow and where I can use my JR Pass from Tokyo or Osaka as a Day trip.

by Joe Koh  

please take me too! joke joke joke 2007/10/26 15:53
correct me if im wrong tho i think popular ski resort near Tokyo or Oska would be Naeba Ski Resort. im not sure about snow condition around Dec this year. for awsomely amazing powder snow you must try Niseko Hokkaido if you have a chance

anyways,for Naeba there is a tour package include transportation,lodge,meal and ski pass for reasonable price
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oops 2007/10/26 16:02
would you and your family just like to see some snow? in that case I would recomend going to Nagano becos you can see many snow covered mountains and they are spectacular view. and fo that you can use your JR pass

taking Nagano Shinkansen is quick way to get there or take Chuo Honsen Line

dewa dewa
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snow 2007/10/26 23:04
You can catch the Shinkansen to Gala Yuzawa from Tokyo. There is a ski resort right at the station. It takes 93 minutes. However, this is an expensive option.

Perhaps it might be better to go to Nikko, which is not as expensive. If you go to the top lake there, it's possible the lake might be frozen, and there likely to be snow there.
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SNOW 2007/10/26 23:25
Could anyone please advise which part of Japan that has snowfall in early December.
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Hokkaido 2007/10/27 00:15
Hokkaido will almost always have some snow on the ground in early December.
In central Japan, there will be snow on the ground in the higher areas, above 1500m.
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SNOW 2007/10/27 07:11
Thanks Sandy.
My intention is to experience an outdoor onsen while snowing in early december. Could you recommend any place.
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Hokkaido 2007/10/27 08:35
If that's the case, you need an onsen that's not at the top of a ski resort in central Japan, so it would need to be in Hokkaido, where the snow line will be low enough for snow on ordinary towns.
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... 2007/10/27 09:23
To the original poster,
Do you want to go skiing or just see and play in the snow?

You will have a railpass so Yuzawa, Niigata will probably be your best bet. As mentioned earlier it is not far from Tokyo.

If you just want to see and play in snow then there are many other options too. I like Karuizawa in Nagano which is easy to get to and has a good outlet mall nest to the ski resort.

Btw, it is snowing in parts of Japan already. Yuzawa will have a good amount of snow by december, the ski resorts there open around the middle of december.
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Snow 2007/10/27 23:56
Thank you all. I am interested in a place where my kids can play with snow than sking. Can it be done on a day trip from Tokyo or Osaka to Nagoya
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Tazawako 2007/10/29 00:52
You never know, but I think you might have a chance of snow in Tazawako. You can take the Komachi Express which is a shinkansen that goes from Tokyo to Akita. Tazawako is about three hours from Tokyo. There's a ski area there and hot springs hotels. The Nagano area is good too, but you have to change trains once you get to Nagano.

Wherever you go you should get Japan Rail passes. Shinkansen travel is quite expensive.
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... 2007/10/30 10:53
the original poster has a JR Pass.

If you are just looking to play in snow then I highly recommend Karuizawa. I was just there last weekend. There is the Karuizawa Prince Ski Resort which has a snow play area. There is also a good outlet mall there for the adults.

It's about 70-80 min from Tokyo Station on the Asama Shinkansen.


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Snow &Waterfall 2007/11/2 06:42
Thank you to you all wonderful guys. I am sure my family and I would have a wonderful holiday guided by this fantastic website patronised by so many helpful people.

Could i also have guideline to a the highest waterfall that can be done as a day trip from Tokyo or Osaka.

Thank you to all again.
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Snow 2007/11/2 07:17
To Yllwsmrf.

Thank you for your recomendation to Karuizawa Prince Ski Resort.I could not locate this site from the location map.

1. How do get to the ski resort when alighted from the train station.
2, Any idea on the admission charges. Cerainly holidaying on a tight budget travelling
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snow? 2007/11/2 14:14
snow on the ground in hokkaido by late nov?
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... 2007/11/2 16:51
Sorry, if you check the map now you will see its location at the bottom right, next to the karuizawa prince outlet mall.

here's a link to the snowjapan site:

and the official resort page:
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Snow 2007/11/2 17:13
To yllwsmrf.

Thank you for your prompt response.
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... 2007/11/2 17:27
no problem. If you're still looking for a waterfall check Kegon Waterfall in Nikko.


There's a bus from the Nikko Station. While you're there check out Nikko, which is one of my favorite places in Japan.

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