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Navigating Shinjuku at peak time! 2007/10/25 15:18
Tokyo 23-ku
Can anyone help with directions
Staying at Kuramae and wish to get to the JR Highway Bus Terminal at Shinjuku (New South Exit?) to catch the 9.20am JR Highway Bus to Kyoto.
Is the best way to take Oedo line to Shinjuku Nishiguchi station.
Cannot make out if this Oedo station is a separate building from the Shinjuku train station?
Need directions to get to the JR Highway Bus terminal on the other side?
Your guidance of any kind would be appreciated.
by waru  

. 2007/10/26 07:57
The two Shinjuku Stations on the Oedo line are essentially in the same massive complex of JR/Keio/Odakyu/etc etc Shinjuku Station. Just follow the signs and you'll be connected.
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Better option? 2007/10/27 09:33
Thanks for your reply. Have now realised that there is a second Oedo Shinjuku station.It has been hard to distinguish the various stations at 'Shinjuku' from the maps we have looked at. Is anyone able to advise whether Oedo Shinjuku is the better option to the JR Highway Bus Terminal? It looks closer to the terminal. Any directions please - would it be easier to walk outside the JR Shinjuku train station. Or just navigate
the train station to find the "New South Exit?
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... 2007/10/27 10:58
As John said, you should just follow the signs.
Since there are two exit from Shinjuku St. of Oedo Line,
I feel a bit hard to explain it.

I don't remember well, but you should head for South Exit of JR Shinjuku St first. You can find the crossing there. Then cross at the crosswalk and turn left.
You will get to New South Exit in a min.

Another option is to change JR train at Asakusa-bashi Station.
You should take JR Soubu Line(colored yellow) to Shinjuku line.
You may change trains at Ochanomizu St. to a rapid(colored orrange).
At Shinjuku St, you should find South Exit first.
It costs 330yen.

Have a nice trip !
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current plan in Shinkuku 2007/10/28 07:51
At this stage will go to Oedo Shinjuku and look for New South Exit at main Shinjuku train station. Unlikely to change lines as do not want to risk any delay getting to JR Shinjuku train station. Just wanted to get some ideas as anticipate being overwhelmed by volume pf commuters in the morning. Thanks for replies to date.
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Oedo line query? 2007/10/29 06:03
One further question re Shinjuku.
Had assumed that the Oedo line from Kuramae to Oedo Shinjuku was a direct link. Now found a subway website which suggests a transfer is required at Tochomae on Oedo line? Thanks to anyone who might be able to clarify this
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. 2007/10/30 22:53
Yes, you'll have to change at Tochomae - which isn't difficult just a bit of a hassle. If I recall, you get off and then go up (or maybe down?) a flight of stairs/escalators to catch your appropriate train. However, if you want a straight ride, just take the Oedo line in the opposite direction i.e. towards Roppongi instead of Iidabashi. It will take a bit more time, but there's no transfers involved. Also, to get to the JR Bus station, take the South exit as others have suggested, and follow signs to Takashimaya department store. The Highway Bus station is on the street level, and has a bright green JR sign. It's next to an
Am/Pm combini and Uniqlo clothing store, and there's a Starbucks across the street.
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Advice appreciated 2007/10/31 04:41
Thanks for last reply. Will consider going in reverse direction on Oedo line - the simpler the better! Need to find out how much longer to allow? Add extra 10 minutes to that first ride?
Thinking of direct exit from Oedo Shinjuku to street level to see if easier to find JR Highway bus than working thru the main train station. Will this work? Thanks for all help so far.
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