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Meeting & greeting,confused 2007/10/26 01:30
Hi everyone, I have a Japanese penpal and I will be meeting her soon in Japan.I read in other threads on the forum that some people do bow when meeting for the first time.This doesn't seem like the right thing to do,since in my case we are the same age(19),both girls and have spoken on webcam before.What is the most appropriate way to greet her?Thanks alot for any advice!
by xing  

bow 2007/10/26 07:18
Take your cue from her when you meet. I would suspect that she will bow upon first meeting - for Japanese it is almost a reflex.
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Re: Meeting & Greeting 2008/1/11 13:15
I would recommend bowing after you introduce yourself. If you don't know how to introduce yourself, use "Hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa [your name] desu. Dozo yoroshiku." followed by a bow. The more deeper the bow, the more respect is given.

Have a great, and safe, experience.
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