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Accommodation Suggestions in Tokyo 2007/10/26 13:12
Tokyo 23-ku
Plan to stay in tokyo March 2008 for 30days. Any suggestions for places to stay for single person (girl)?
prefer Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ikebukuro or on JR line.
4000-6000yen per night, hostels or hotels.
I'm trying to decide whether private bathroom is worth the extra money for stay for so long? what are people's opinions? suggestions and reviews would be great!

thanks a lot!
by fatmalau  

Staying In Tokyo 2007/10/29 01:22
Check the Toyoku Inns. They should meet your budget, are nice and clean, and have a light free breakfast. You also have your own bath. Most budget (salesman) hotels in Japan do not allow you to access your room during the day. You have to be gone from 10 to 4. We stayed at a Toyoku Inn in Shinjuku that was an exception.

There are also hostels that are pretty cheap, but I don't think you can stay in them for 30 days straight and you will have to share a room.
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This site has . . . 2007/10/29 07:50
. . . cheap hotels in Tokyo (but not much variety anywhere else). I only used it once and it worked.

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Medium Term Accomodation in Tokyo 2007/10/29 08:57
Have you tried looking at some studio/efficiencies?

For hotels, Toyoko Inns are on the cheaper side for real clean and nice places.


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Sakura House and Sakura Hostel 2007/10/29 09:28
You could stay at a guesthouse or even your own apartment for that kind of money.


They even have a Hostel specific service, and hotels.

We're using one of their apartments for our next long term holiday - it's costing around $45 a night.
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thanks 2007/10/29 10:54
everyone, thanks for the info.
I've had a look at a few, for example, House Ikebukuro fitting all my requirements, but they dont offer long-term stay. too bad.

otherwise, anyone stayed at Niko Inn or Tokyo J-F House? I think they are run by chinese ppl?
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me again 2007/10/29 11:19
hi, just thought I might add the website on here.

i think i should end up going here. they said 30days I can have a small discount~
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