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Beppu in a Day - Feasible? 2007/10/26 16:08
I'm wondering, taking a day trip from Fukuoka, is it feasible to be able to see all Beppu has to offer in a day or at the very least; a variety of onsen, monkey park, aquarium and sex museum?

I believe the train ride from Fukuoka on JR lines is around a two hour trip one way. Would it be better to stay the night?
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shopping included? 2007/10/27 02:13
It depends if you want to go shopping too. I found Tokiwa Dept. store to be really inexpensive. I bought 10 pairs of new slippers, made in Japan. The slippers selection was great. I bought the ones for carpet. The footpad is "shiatsu" like but it does not hurt, sooooooooo soothing. I have looking for these for the longest time. Plus, they were 20% off. You get your tax back if you spendover 10000 yen.

Then, we headed for the dinner at the best sushi place called "Gin". It has a neon sign enclosed with a fish. Really fresh seafood sashimi. The fish is in front of you an you just point, it gets sashimi-ed in front of you. I love it!
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Beppu 2007/10/29 01:17
If you want to do all those things you will need to spend several days there.
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probably not 2007/11/1 11:11
That would be a really busy day, plus it doesn't take into account the "hells" tour, which is one the primary reasons to go to Beppu. I would allow two days to cover all of that.
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transport 2007/11/1 13:03
Hi, what is the best way to move around in Beppu if not driving?

Anybody been to Oita? how many days is needed in Oita?
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I recall . . . 2007/11/1 15:31
. . . taking a bike to the Sex Museum, and since there aren't many of those around, it must have been Beppu. So you may be able to rent a bike. Otherwise, the Hell's springs are far from the station and you need to take the bus.

There are a variety of things to see in the Oita area, but I'd concentrate on them on a 2nd visit to the area. I was there last fall and only used Beppu for accomodations. In the area around Beppu, there is Aodomon, a tunnel that took a monk 30 years to carve out. The longest suspension bridge in the world is at Kokonoe, near Yufuin (just built last year). There's also Yabakei Gorge (small) and it's rock outcropping. Kitsuki is a small castle town. Nearby is a mountainside with Buddhas carved in relief. Bunko Taketa has a picturesque temple built on the side of a mountain. The latter two attractions are much underrated. If they were near Kyoto, they'd be major attractions (as is a similar cliffside temple in Komoro).

The JNTO website has detailed info on Oita. You'll need a rental car as the sites are spread out all over the countryside.
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