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Sony DSC-T100 power adaptor 2007/10/27 11:47
Hi guys,

I'm going to Japan next month and I'm thinking about buying a Sony camera there. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not the supplied AC power adaptor supports variable power input, i.e. 100-240V 50/60hz. The reason I ask is because I would like to use this back in Australia too :)

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


by Hung  

Hi Hung! 2007/10/27 23:35
It corresponds.
However, the plug shape is for Japan.


Red star part. Explanation part of BC-CSG.
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Sorry 2007/10/27 23:37
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No Prob on 100-240V 2007/10/27 23:38
It comes with worldwide voltage adaptor but with two blades that can not directly used on Aust power point. You also need to make sure it is international model with English text. The whole pack cost about 40,000 yen, which is close to the Sydney's sale price these days, good camera though.
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Thanks guys 2007/10/28 00:49
Thanks for the help guys.

I've read in another post that the japanese version of the DSC-T100 is able to change the language to english. I have the adaptor, so all should be fine.

BTW, you wouldn't happen to know how much the Japanese model costs would you? I'm assuming that the international model costs more.

Once again, appreciated the help from you guys. Thanks heaps :)
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take the int. model 2007/10/28 13:03
I would go for the international mordel which with one year worldwide warranty. Japanese model was selling about 38,000 at the big store, the time of release in April this year, only $AS 20 less.
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less 2007/10/28 22:43
You can get the Japanese model for just over 30,000yen.
You must know where to look though.
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Thanks 2007/10/29 08:00
Thanks JP and Sandy :)

BTW, would anyone reading be able to translate where the following store is located:



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mail order 2007/10/30 00:24
This is certainly cheap.

But The page is a mail order special shop of the Second-hand goods.
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Thanks 2007/10/30 07:17
Hi ex2white,

Thanks for the translation. I had a feeling it was something like that.


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