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ferry to Awaji 2007/10/27 13:37
I am traveling to Westin Awaji from Kansai on the 3rd of November, what time does the ferry run?
by gavin  

... 2007/10/29 11:49
Do you mean a ferry from Kansai Airport to Awaji Island? Then there's no ferry between the islands. Only limo bus is available.
See the page :
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But .... 2007/11/3 11:27
.. I remember catching a ferry from Izumisano (near KIX) within the last 2 years. It sailed right under the big airport bridge and was a pleasant journey.

I hope it has not been cancelled like the other ferries that used to serve Awaji.
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... 2007/11/3 16:25
The only ferries between Honshu and Awaji Island depart from Akashi near Kobe. There seems to be no ferry from around Kansai Airport.
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No Ferry 2007/11/5 07:50
Yes the ferry hasbeen cancelled, seems a shames as it a beautiful spot
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