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MAP Camera same camera 2 prices 2007/10/27 16:27
Hi, I am surfing mapcamera.com, and they have 2 prices for the same camera.

中古=cheaper, with 6month warranty

新品=much more expensive.

What's the meaning of 中古 and 新品?

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... 2007/10/29 09:49
中古 = used/secondhand goods

新品 = new items.
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Thanks yllwsmrf 2007/11/4 08:17
Does this mean that people sell their old cameras to MAP?

Or are the "old" cameras those that are returned to the store after some days for a refund?

Is there a refund policy in Japan, meaning if I don't like a camera I bought, I can give it back within a few days?
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used cameras 2007/11/4 16:30
many photographers, including me (an amateur not a pro) routinely trade in their old camera when buying a new one and get a discount on the new one, just like one does with a car. . Obviously it only works with good quality cameras. This is done in many countries.
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map 2007/11/5 22:51
I was looking for map camera today but couldn't find it. i found odyaku halc/bic at the jr station west entrance. is map nearby?
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MAP 2007/11/5 23:23
Map is in Shinjuku, west of the JR station

Map of MAP

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