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Buy passes to Disneyland in advance? 2007/10/27 17:26
Can we buy passes (not the vouchers) to Disneyland in advance in central tokyo? Or can we only buy it at the ticket stand in Disneyland?

Read somewhere about this Disneyland Ticket center in Hibiya Mitsui building, but not too sure if it's there, and I also have no idea how to get to Hibiya Mitsui buidling.

Can anyone advise? Thank you
by sgnick  

Disney Shops 2007/10/29 11:30
Disneyland Ticket Center is no longer listed on the Disney website (it may have been closed...) but you can buy tickets at Disney Shops, for example, at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Takashimaya in Shinjuku, Aqua City in Odaiba.
by JLady rate this post as useful

Advance Disney Ticket = Open date? 2007/10/29 15:30

Is advance disney ticket an open dated one or we still need to state the date we want to go?

If the day that we choose to go disney (with advance ticket) is crowded, will we be asked to go later or another?

by francis rate this post as useful

Thanks 2007/10/29 22:51
Thanks Jlady
by sgnick rate this post as useful

Advanced passes 2007/10/29 23:07
Hi there. You can buy advanced passes for Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea at any convenience store. You don't have to use them on the same day you bought them, however they do have expiry dates. Hope this helps, have fun!
P.S. try the black pepper popcorn, it's really really good!
by Paul Leung rate this post as useful

Hi Paul Leung 2007/10/29 23:26
Which convenience store are you refering to? Any in Ikebukuro?
by sgnick rate this post as useful

Convenience store 2007/10/29 23:47
Pretty much any major chain is fine to go to, but to be more specific, try 7eleven, AM/PM, Sunkus, Lawson, just to name a few.
by Paul Leung rate this post as useful

voucher 2007/10/29 23:53
Tickets you can buy at convenience stores are not "advance tickets" but "vouchers." You have to line up again at the park.
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... 2007/10/29 23:59
Francis, tickets you can buy in advance have 2 types, "Maeuriken (advance tickets for a specific date)" and "Open-ken (open-dated ticket)." As long as you have Maeuriken," you will not be asked to come on a different day. If you have "Open-ken," you may be asked to excuse when the park is very croweded.
by JLady rate this post as useful

Thanks JLady! 2007/10/30 00:11
Many thanks for the answer!

One more question - Can we pay for the tickets by credit card? or only by cash?

Thanks again!
by francis rate this post as useful

What's the difference? 2007/10/30 23:32
So if you buy advance tickets what's the advantage as to the voucher? If it's busy you can get in faster with an "advanced ticket" than a "voucher"? When my wife and I bought tickets from Sunkus, we didn't have to wait in any line. We showed up and walked in within a mintue. No hassles or waiting. We went to Disney Sea though, maybe there's a difference?
by Paul Leung rate this post as useful

Hi Paul Leung 2007/11/4 08:21
Just to confirm, the tickets you bought at SUNKUS are real tickets and not vouchers? You don't need to exchange them for tickets at the entrance right?
by sgnick rate this post as useful

no exchange 2007/11/4 12:36
that's right, we didn't have to exchange them. we just went to the gate and walked through.
by Paul Leung rate this post as useful

so... 2008/4/2 17:59
hi guys, so does this mean that advance tickets purchased outside will allow me to enter disneyland straight away without the long queue?

And does Tokyo Station sell these advance tickets or somewhere close to Asakusa? Thanks!
by jeffrey rate this post as useful

Tokyo Disney 2008/4/2 20:08
We went to Tokyo Disney on a weekend in January and there was no queue at all. We just walked straight up to the gate.
by coaster rate this post as useful

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