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Question about the Tobu railway to Nikko 2007/10/27 20:13
We are going to Nikko by Tobu railway. We have reserved the All Nikko Pass and non-spacia train via Tobu's website. After the reservation, the website mentions that we could collect the ticket on the day of the trip. But, the service center is only opened from 7:45-17:00. In that case, how could we collect the tickets before 7:30am? We would like to go to Nikko as early as possible at the morning. Thanks.
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... 2007/10/29 11:23
After reading the webpage, it seems that you have to wait until 8am (or later) train. Or if you stay near Asakusa, you can exchange the voucher for the ticket in advance.
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Question about Tobu Railway to Nikko 2007/10/29 19:24
hi JLady,

thanks for the comments. since we are foreigners and don't wish to spend times in waiting for the trains. we have reserved the spacia train at 8am over the web http://www.tobuland.com/foreign/pass/all_pass.html . However, the service center is opened only at 7:45am, do you think we will be able to exchange the tickets and catch the train at 8am?? or shall we change our itinerary purposely and exchange the train tickets 1 day before?
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... 2007/10/30 00:09
Asakusa station is not so big as Shinjujku/Tokyo. When everything goes smoothly, I think you can catch 8am train. But of course, it would be better to get a ticket in advance if your schedule allows it.
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. 2007/10/30 09:17

When I was there, I bought the World Heritage Pass a day early and I just told them that I wanted to use it for the next day. They just write the date on the pass that you want to use it.

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