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Recording bilingual TV in Japan? 2007/10/28 02:39

I have a question about the bilingual TV programmes / films that are sometimes broadcast on Japanese TV.

I'm considering picking up a cheap VCR soon, so I can record TV shows when I'm at work... including the nightly 7pm bilingual news programme on NTV.
(I know VCRs are old technology - but my budget won't stretch beyond getting a VCR - and I'm not planning to keep any of the recordings, so I don't need the best best quality recordings)

My question - it's possible to switch the language on bilingual broadcast TV shows while the show is shown on TV, but would it also be possible to do this during video playback of a recorded bilingual TV show?

Does the bilingual mode work just by using the 2 audio channels of the stereo audio - i.e. left for one language, right for the other language?

I'd be interested in any light anyone can shed on this.
by HP  

vcr 2007/10/29 11:31
i was bored so i checked with my old vcr and it worked

if you have 音声出力switch on your vcr then simulcast works. it means sound output.

oh make sure you buy NTSC vcr

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Bilingual 2007/10/29 11:33

You need to make sure that you get a VCR that records in stereo/bilingual. Cheap mono recorders won't be able to record the second language of bilingual programmes.
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It worked! 2007/11/9 22:41
Thanks for your replies - I bought a stereo VCR and it recorded and played back the bilingual TV broadcasts.
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