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Any hotel for 2 adults and 2 kids 2007/10/29 00:13
Anybody has recommendation for hotels that allow 2adults, 2kids in tokyo/osaka.
by Francis  

... 2007/10/29 10:58
Can you post your budget? And how old are your kids? If they are old enough to need a bed, it would be difficult to find a hotel to allow 4 of you to stay in 1 room. Your best bet would be to stay in Japanese room.
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Any hotel for 2 adults and 2 kids 2007/10/29 11:57
My kids are 6 and 16 years old.

Budget anything US$100-200.

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TOYOKO INN 2007/10/29 14:42
Hi Francis ,
I would recommend 2 twin rooms for 4 people in any Toyoko inn ,will still be under your 200 budget.
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Additional question on hotel for 2 kids 2007/11/5 13:57
I have a similar question but the age of my children are younger. One is 7 years old and another 4 years old.

Would I still need to book two rooms if they are that young?

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hotel 2007/11/5 14:11
you can book one twin room or a larger one and have your children share the same bed.
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ryokans 2007/11/5 14:28
If you don't require a western style hotel, then consider budget ryokans. They are simpler than hotel rooms, but will often house 4 to 6 people.

In Osaka, for example, I've booked into the Kaneyoshi Ryokan, which was advertised on this website. (Is it any good? Ask me in a few weeks.)
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