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What type of Train tickets to buy? 2007/10/29 02:48
I'm travelling to Japan from 3 - 18 Nov 2007. My itinerary as follows:
Day 1-2 Arrival at Tokyo
Day 3 Nikko
Day 4 Odawara
Day 5 Hakone
Day 6 Gotemba
Day 7-10 Izu Island
Day 10 Kamakura
Day 11-12 Tokyo

Realise that many Free Passes uses Tokyo as a base. What type of Train pass should i get to save on cost? How much would it be? Is a 4-day JR pass useful based on this trip?

Thank you so much.
by Lynn  

... 2007/11/3 17:32
I would be using a Nikko Free Pass for Nikko, a Hakone Free Pass for Hakone and a Suica prepaid card for most remaining trips.
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Types of pass 2007/11/4 01:17
Hi Uji, I intend to travel from Osaka to Tokyo and back. And then a day trip from Osaka to Kyoto. All within 7 days. Is the 7-day JR Pass the most cost efficient? If not, pls recommend. Would really appreciate your advise. Many thanks!
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travel osaka-tokyo 2007/11/4 07:13
If you travel from Osaka-Tokyo & return, as well as a day trip from Osaka-Kyoto then it will work-out to roughly the same as a 7 day JR Pass.
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... 2007/11/4 07:48
You could also consider a night bus if you are on a budget:
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JR Pass 2007/11/4 08:33
Thanks John & Uji. Can the the JR pass be used for travelling within Osaka under the JR West (the Osaka Loop Line)? Just want to confirm. What about in Tokyo? If I want to travel from Ginza to Shibuya and Harajuku, does the JR Pass cover the train ride? Many thanks!
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. 2007/11/4 08:35
Yes the nationwide JR pass covers those lines.

At Ginza you have to use JR Yurakucho Station (Ginza Station is on the subway lines).
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... 2007/11/4 10:05
many thanks John.
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... 2007/11/5 21:36
May I know how far the JR Yurakucho Station is from the Imperial Hotel at Ginza? Many thanks in advance
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... 2007/11/6 08:59
The Imperial Hotel is not located in the Ginza. It is opposite Ginza from the train tracks, less than 5 minutes on foot from Yurakucho Station.
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.....alongside the railway track... 2007/11/6 13:25
From Yurakucho station to the Imperial Hotel, you can actually walk alongside the railway track ( Yamanote line), which is aboveground and located behind the Imperial Hotel. As Uji San mentioned it takes about five minutes.
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Imperial Hotel 2007/11/6 22:13
Then is the Imperial Hotel within walking distance to Tsukiji Market? Thanks.
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market 2007/11/7 03:20
thehote land the market are locared on opposite sides of the Yamanote track. The market is down by the water, a relatively long walk away (30-40 minutes?) by you can take the subway. check on the internet for a map.
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... 2007/11/7 07:04
Thanks for the info. If we take a taxi from Imperial hotel to Tsukiji Market, how much would you reckon it will cost? Many thanks in advance!
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