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New Years in Tokyo 2007/10/29 03:29
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, i'm new to Tokyo.. i will be spending "new years" alone, So, i was hoping if anyone knows any good places to be ? Are there any good events ? I heard Disneyland has something, but all the tickets are sold out. Thank you.. Is there any way to get these speical tickets for disneyland ? thanks
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year end 2007/10/29 11:00
are you already in tokyo? or comming to tokyo soon?

if already in tokyo,then stll have lots of time to make friends to spend new year's eve. and if you are comming near year end then you can arrenge meeting in this forum with other people.
what i want to say is please dont spend new year day alone in japan unless you are working.

if you really like to have new year countdown at disney land you need to find it thru auction. but i gurantee you the place will be packed with people.

there will be so many events happening on new year's eve and you still have 60days to plan how to spend your new year's eve.

i will always go to shrine for hatsumode after countdown
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New Years in Tokyo 2007/10/29 14:58
Oh, i am just coming in Dec-Jan. So, i may need to find some friends. What will you do at the shrine ?

But you are right. i have some time to think of something to do. i just haven't found anything good yet.

Also, i don't speak Japanese. will this be a problem ? i heard most major cities english is ok. just smaller cities it would be a problem.. is this true ?

thanks for your time
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at shrine 2007/11/1 02:04
as japanis tradition people go to shinto jinja shrine for the first shrine visit of the New Year. its usually very crowded with many people so you walk toward to shrine in long line and at shrine we give contribution. we often throw few coins into chest box and then we pray. you will hear shrine bell ring 108 times and at some shrines they let you ring the bell.

im sure somebody explaining about Shinto shrine indepth on other thread so maybe you can study more about it if you like.

anyhow,we often drink sake to celebrate eve day and new yearday with friends and family premuch untill late night or morning. some times i ended up waking up at strange place with stranger LOL.

have you searched any lodging in tokyo yet? maybe its better to choose international Inns where there will be other travellers you can join in. or you can wonder around the city by yourself to seek interesting places to party on. on the eve night,most trains run all night long so you dnt need to worry about catching the last train.

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language 2007/11/1 02:20
personaly i think that not being able to sapek japanis wont be so much problem in tokyo. most directions are writen in English,Chines and Korean languages, and at restaurants and bars,attendants will explain the menu with exceptional of some concervative japanes stores or shops,you might have some few difficulty communicating.

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