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Transportation from Kobe to Tokyo 2007/10/29 06:07
We have just learned that our ship will be disembarking next March in Kobe, rather than Osaka. We had originally planned on taking the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. We plan on staying at the Palace Hotel. But I can't find where there is a direct Shinkansen train from Kobe to Tokyo. It appears that it would cheaper and, of course quicker, to fly to Haneda from Kobe and then the monorail? to Tokyo station? Any suggestions?
by Virginia  

... 2007/10/29 10:27
You can take a direct shinkansen from Shin-Kobe station to Tokyo Station. It is a Nozomi train and costs about 9000yen.

The total cost by train or air is about the same (15000 yen) but your best bet seems to be to fly because it is quicker. It takes about 4 hours by train and 2 hours by air.

check out these sites for travel times and prices.


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. 2007/10/29 10:36
You have to remember while an airplane is faster in speed when it is actually in the air, the amount of time it takes to get to the airport, to check-in, to clear security, then the actual flight, then arriving at Haneda, then getting from Haneda Airport to make a connection at Shinagawa Station (keikyu) or Hamamatsucho (Monorail) all adds up, so taking a direct train can be just as fast.
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... 2007/10/29 10:39
Cost from Shin-Kobe (shinkansen station in Kobe) to Tokyo is 14670 yen. (9030 yen for fare and 5640 yen for extra shinkasen charge)
It takes 2 hrs 50 min from Shin-Kobe and Tokyo and Palace hotel is only 5 min taxi ride away from Tokyo station.

Considering the closeness of the hotel to Tokyo station, I second Shinkansen.

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... 2007/10/29 10:44
That's a good point. I would recommend to plan to arrive at the airport at least an hour ahead of time for domestic flights although we typically go only 30 minutes early with little trouble.

In this case from Kobe to Tokyo if your biggest concern is time then flying would still be your best bet.
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... 2007/10/29 10:52
Just did a recalculation on travel times from Shin Kobe to Tokyo station. Travel times including boarding time for the airplane are only about 20-30min difference, but there are way more transfers if you take the airplane. The Nozomi is direct and would probably be an easier an less stressful journey.
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Transportation from Kobe to Tokyo 2007/10/29 12:26
Thank you, all. That answers my question. I would really rather take the train, anyway.

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... 2007/11/3 17:35
Your options summarized:
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