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Tokyo and ? 2007/10/29 11:51
Need some help here. Planning a family trip to Tokyo and probably somewhere near Tokyo (accessible by short train trip). Any suggestion?

It's my 4th trip to Japan and we've visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya and Hokkaido.

Any advise/suggestion is much appreciated. We will be travelling with our 11 mth old boy, so prefer short trips. We will be there for 7 days.

Thank you
by ndroo  

Nikko might be interesting 2007/10/30 02:23
Check out Nikko - should be very pretty at this time of year.
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or 2007/10/30 05:38
Or Hakone or Kamakura.
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Nikko 2007/10/30 08:25
Murchie, we will be going only sometime 10th December. Will it Nikko be as pretty then? Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
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Hakone or Kamakura 2007/10/30 08:25
Tay, thank you too
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day trip from Tokyo 2007/10/30 09:07
Also nice for a quick trip is Takao-san, just west of Tokyo. The train takes forty-five minutes or an hour or so, and it's a very pretty little spot. Amazing that it's so close to Tokyo. I have never done the tourist things you're supposed to do, because I only went for a festival, but there's a ton of info on the internet about it.
The thing about Nikko and Kamakura and those places is that they have SO MUCH STUFF to see. If I were going to recommend one of those with an 11-month old, I'd go for Kamakura, because you can see lots of temples and there are plenty of shops and restaurants very near the train station. So you get tired, the station is not so far away.
But anyway check out Takao-san. The maples are supposed to be at their peak in late November but who knows, maybe some leave will be clinging to the trees even in December.
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me again 2007/10/30 09:20
a nice article about Takao-san:

all the sites talk about hiking but you can take the cable car halfway up and see monkeys, anyway, even if you don't want to hike.
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Takao-san 2007/10/30 10:33
Spendthrift, thanks! Cool! Takaosan looks good! Since it's pretty near, that means we probably can do a day trip and get back to Tokyo in the evening.

We're now planning to either stay the entire trip in Tokyo and make day trips out to places like Takao-san, or spend a couple of nights out of Tokyo. Anymore interesting places close enough for day trips?

Thanks again for the help.


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