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shinjuku to Hakone Owakudani 2007/10/29 12:50
I would like to take a day trip from Shinjuku to Hakone to Owakudani. Please advise how to get there.

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hakone 2007/10/29 15:30
you can go to the odakyu line ticket counter at Shinjuku railway station for the odakyu express train ticket and free-pass ticket.
You can visit anywhere in Hakone with the free-pass for 2 or 3 days.
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plus 2007/10/30 00:21
But why limit yourself to Owakudani? If you leave early (there's an Odakyu train that leaves at 0730 - although you'd need to buy the ticket and pass the day before) you could easily go on to the Hakone Outdoor Museum - a must see in that area. You'd also have time to see other sights in the area such as the old Tokaido road. You'll still get back to Shinjuku at a respectable hour. Enjoy!!!
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Use this website 2007/10/30 01:53
I use this website for all my trip planning while in Japan:

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shinjuku to Hakone Owakudani 2007/10/30 12:40
Hi Tay and Jason,

Thanks for the feedback but I need to know why there is a great difference between Odakyu Railways costing Yen2020 or yen1150 but with the hyperdia is cost between Yen 740 and 1750.
What is Hyperdia?

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... 2007/11/3 17:40
How to get to and around Hakone:

Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto costs 1150 yen by express train or 2020 yen by limited express train ("Romance Car"). About the above terms:
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This website may be useful 2007/11/7 01:30
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