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Passport needed for domestic flights? 2007/10/29 14:28

I couldn't find an answer to my question anywhere in this forum so thought I'd just ask.
Question is: Do I need to carry show my passport when travelling by airplane within Japan?
I know that in most other countries, you don't. I have an alien card and don't really wanna carry my passport with me too unless I have to. Don't want to get stung. Any help appreciated!

by Ohoh  

... 2007/10/29 15:13
You don't need to take you passport with you for domestic flights. We never do and are never checked for ID at the airport. Of course you need to have your alien registration card on you but it won't be checked.
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At Haneda Airport . . . 2007/10/30 09:10
. . . you don't need your passport at all, but if you take the train to Narita, they will ask to see your passport when you pass through the gates. Not sure if there are any domestic flights out of Narita though.

Keep in mind that many hotels ask for your passport number when you check in. I just tell them I live in Japan and they don't hassle me much about it. Or just memorize your passport number. In Korea, they give you a hard time about it.
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. 2007/10/30 09:14
At narita airport you need a photo ID as part of their security check to enter the airport. There are some domestic flights at Narita. However if you don't have your passport sometimes they (the security people wonder why), but any does ok.
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ARC is fine, right? 2007/10/30 09:57
I always show my ARC at Narita airport when I go there to pick up friends/ family and I never got the impression from the security staff that that was anything but normal. Ditto for staying in hotels. For people living in Japan, I have always thought the ARC was supposed to be the substitute for carrying your passport around.
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