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Hot springs/baths in Osaka, Kyoto City 2007/10/29 16:37
My family and I (2 adults, 1 child at 9 and the other 13)are going to Japan for the first time and would like to visit natural hot spring, if not at least experience Japanese outdoor baths. Due to our tight itinerary, can someone recommend some places near Osaka, Kyoto or Arashimaya area? Some english websites and instruction how to get there will be appreciated, include estimated cost if possible. Also, p/s explain what is the differenece between Onsen and Sento?

Anyone know the English website for spaworld in Osaka? Is it good and worth going?

Thank you.
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... 2007/10/30 14:05
Onsen can be found in various spots in and out of Kyoto. Considering transportation, I suggest Yunohana Onsen and Arashiyama Onsen.

Kyoto Travel Guide : http://www.kyoto.travel/what_to_do/ashiyuonsen.html
Sumiya Kihoan (Yunohana Onsen)
Benkei (Arashiyama)

Sento is a public bath and generally uses tap water while Onsen uses spring hot water. Onsen has many positive effects due to minerals in the water.
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Spa World 2007/10/30 14:07
Spa World does not have an English page. All I could get is this :
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