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Which maid cafe in Tokyo? 2007/10/29 20:44
Was wondering if there are any recommended ones. Generally, are any of them open early before lunch?

I've heard that I should try going to Cos-Cha or Little BSD, but can't find any english reviews anywhere. Is it true that they do allow you to take a photo with them at little BSD?
by Saus  

Akihabara 2007/10/30 17:22
If you want to visit a Maid cafe, you just go to Akihabara station. Just in front of the west ticket gates, there are English written maps for you to find shops, including the Maid cafes.
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My very short visit 2007/11/10 21:56
Today I checked out Cos-Cha and Little BSD (They:re in the same building). My visit was very short. It was just like

"Hi. Do you speak English?"
"No." *Sour face*
"Oh. Okay, thank you. Bye"

Do foreigners ever go there?

Anyway there was a huge queue outside Mai:lish.

Which are the maid cafes you english-speaking guys have visited?
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. 2007/11/12 00:12
Saus, you told in wrong way.

Almost Japanese (especially young girls) say "No", if you asked "Do you speak English?".
Even though they could understand English enough.

You will be replied "Yes", if you ask "Do you understand my English?"
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. 2007/11/12 00:20
You can communicate in writing with them. You should take a small notebook.
Good luck.
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OK 2008/6/2 18:01
well, I'll be heading back end of this year to try again!

Anyway is the maid cafe scene winding up? Seems like there isn't much talk of them anymore.
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