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japan--better in june or july? 2007/10/30 07:47
hello all. i'm going to japan with my sister next summer and due to our jobs we can only go in either june or july..which seem to be the worst months weather wise. so..i know that june is supposed to be rainy season. we would be going for the two middle weeks of june. would there be a chance that it might rain most of the time we're there?
or would it be better to go in july to avoid being rained out? i know it is supposed to be hot and humid in july, but i live on the florida coast and we get more than our fair share of heat and humidity during the summer, so while i don't neccessarily like it, i can live with it. is summer in tokyo/osaka comparable to summer in florida? which month would make for a more pleasant visit? please advise..and thanks in advance!
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best season 2007/10/30 11:30
Hi, both June and July can bring you rain anytime. but the rainy season usually starts from mid June to the end July, with a few days sunny breaks at intervals between the rain.The weather is definately hotter and more humid in July.Similar to Florida I guess. The hottest month is August and the month with most rainfall is September.
The best season is spring and autumn. The winter on the east coast is O.K if you don't mind the cold.
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rainy season 2007/10/30 12:34
You know, I've spent seven years total in Japan (always near Yokohama) and I've never actually been able to say that the rainy season is really RAINY. It's more likely to rain, but it's not like some kind of monsoon conditions. A few years ago the absolute worst week for rain was the first week of August. So it's not like you're going to get soaked each and every day, or not see anything between the raindrops. I'd vote for coming earlier rather than later, because the chances of the weather being really hot and humid increase in July, though August and September are the worst. Also school holidays start the 3rd week of July and things start getting crowded.
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June 2007/10/30 16:19
Early June is actually one of the most pleasant times of year.
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... 2007/11/3 17:46
It also depends on where in Japan you will be going. Okinawa is great in June and July. Hokkaido is quite pleasant, too.
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liquid sunshine mid June 2007/11/4 03:00
Enjoy the liquid sunshine, heck, you're used to hurricane and everything else in Florida.
It would be hot (humid like in Florida) but you can deal with that too.
I on the other hand enjoy the rain coming from the desert area in states and it somewhat cools down the temperature during the rain in Japan. If it is raining in Tokyo it does not necessary mean it would rain all over Japan .
Last time we experienced a lot of rain was in my favorite place Kobe years ago.. in June/July we got drenched for days and rained for days in Nagoya as well but it was dry in Tokyo where my uncle was.
Rain also does not affect too much of way to get around in Japan with all the transit systems and subways conveniently located.
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Is october a nice time to go 2007/11/4 06:31
Sun wise and hardley any rain ?
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