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Doll Shows in Tokyo? 2007/10/30 09:44
I will be in Tokyo from 15 Feb to 6 March 2008.

I collect dolls and toys and would like to know if any shows are on while I am there?

All the websites are in Japanese, so it makes it really hard to work out what is happening or do a search.

I collect BJD, Blythe, Licca, Jenny, Resin Dolls, Pullip, Dal and the clothing and accessories for them.

Any help would be much appreciated!
by Natalie  

dolpa 2007/10/30 11:35
Volks dolpa 18 is on december 23rd at the big site.

You can find more information on DoA
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Im not there in December 2007/10/30 12:43
Im not in Japan in December - but as my first post states, from 15 Feb to 6 March.

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oops 2007/10/31 10:33
Oh sorry! When it comes to dolls I guess I get a little too excited and start blurting things out haha!

If thats the case I don't believe there are any doll shows at that time.

You still might want to check the events section at DoA however
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Go to Totoco! 2008/1/24 09:50
OMG, I just went there yesterday. I just started collecting Jenny. It is a Jenny and Licca Bouitique. They have so much stuff! Everything you could want for them. Clothes, shoes, furniture, boyfriends, a massive selection of everything for them. I bought a doll from 2004 for like $18.00! Also, there is a place called Licca Castle that is a long train ride away where you can make your own doll. There is a Volks store in Akihabara that I want to go to, and there is Licca club 67 where you can get a lots of stuff for Jenny, Licca, and Blythe. I'd love to go with you if you need help finding the stores. just email me, jbrilliant@hotmail.com.
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Great Info 2008/1/24 10:07
Hi Jewels

Thanks for posting.

Where was this Jenny and Licca store?

I already know about Volks :) They have a much better showroom tucked away in Ikebukuro - not far from the Toyota showroom/museum!

I'd love to exchange info with you!

I'll email you shortly.
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email sent! 2008/1/29 14:16
Hi Jewels

I emailed you - I hope you got it :)

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Jenny 2008/3/8 11:55
Hi I would love to buy a blue hair jenny doll from Toroco Store. I am from US Can anyone help ,. I will pay Help!!! Thanks:)
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