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Where is Yakuska at? 2004/3/5 09:07
I will be stationed in Yakuska and I believe it is a Naval Base in Japan. If anybody thinks they know what I'm talking about, please respond to this as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
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Yokosuka 2004/3/6 15:21
I think you mean Yokosuka. It is in Kanagawa Prefecture, one hour south of Tokyo.
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Yokosuka? 2004/3/6 15:25
I think you are talking about Yokosuka, which has the Navy Base. Yokosuka is one city in Kanagawa prefecture which is south of Tokyo. If you take a train, it'll take you about one and half hour from Tokyo. If you are going to land on Narita airport, there is couple of ways to get there.
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can't b sure 2005/3/30 17:57
i think this is where my sister is stationed at i can't b sure, but i am still wondering 2
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It's the same... 2007/7/27 08:51
No, it is not a different place. I often hear Americans call the naval base "Yakuska" but the correct spelling and pronunciation is "Yokosuka".

I have been on base there twice myself and know many people who work there. Yokosuka is not only the name of the base, it is the name of a city.

Try looking for "Yokosuka"- with that spelling- on Wikipedia or even just Google it. I promise you it is the naval base you are looking for and you will find tons of information.

If you look for "Yakuska" you won't find much...
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