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Buy JR Pass for travel near Tokyo? 2007/10/31 01:52
Does it make sense to buy a JR pass if I want to travel to Hakone, Odawara, Izu Hanto from Tokyo?
Or should i just buy an orange store-value train pass when in japan?
by Lynn  

JR pass not necessary 2007/10/31 13:06
To get to all those destinations you will be using mostly non-JR trains, so there is no point buying a JR pass. You need to make at least one round trip as far as Kyoto to get value from a JR pass.

Orange cards have been phased out as far as I know, the stored value cards are now Suica or Pasmo. I don't know about special tickets for the Odakyu an Izu Kyuko lines- perhaps the information is somewhere on this site.
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Suica or Pasmo Store-value 2007/11/1 00:40
Thank you for reply. Would the above cards able to cover all train tracks to Hakone, Odawara, Nikko, Izu Hanto etc.?
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