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bullet train from kyoto to sapporo 2007/10/31 11:15
is there any bullet train from kyoto to sapporo? if yes, how many hours it takes?
thank you
by wira  

... 2007/10/31 12:28
There is no direct bullet train to Sapporo as there are no bullet trains in Hokkaido.

You can take the bullet train (with a change in Tokyo) as far as Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture. There you can transer to the Tsuguru to Aomori Station and then take the Express Hamanasu to Sapporo. It takes 14-15 hours.

Alternatively there is a night train, the Twilight Express, that takes about 21 hours.

Your best, and probably cheapest, method would be to fly. You could probably get a ticket as low as around 10000 yen and the flight time would only be a few hours.
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... 2007/10/31 12:31
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The other way round 2007/10/31 13:48
Hi, is this method applicable from Sapporo to Kyoto? I'll be taking the Hokutosei from Ueno to Sapporo, but am not sure how to get from Sapporo to Kyoto.
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... 2007/10/31 17:54
Which method? Train, Night Train, or Airplane? All go both directions.
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By trains only 2007/10/31 18:01
I'll be travelling by train or night train as I'm on the JR pass. From the JR website, it seems like only the Twilight Express leaves from Sapporo to Kyoto (on Tues, Thu, Sat and Sun). Are there other ways?
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JR Timetable 2007/10/31 18:07
If you prefer a "printable" timetable more than www.hyperdia.com then please see:
and scroll down to the night train timetables.
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