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luggage (ski boots) storage, kansai 2007/10/31 12:52
I arrive in Japan (Kansai Airport) shortly before New Years and will be staying in Osaka for 3 nights and Kyoto for 1 night before heading to Western Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu for 3 weeks. Then, I will go skiing in Hakuba. I don't want to lug my boots around with me the whole time.

My hotel in Hakuba doesn't seem too keen to accept Takkubin delivery so far in advance. The Japan-Guide article says I can state desired delivery time with Takkubin services...might this be a solution?

Station storage lockers seem out of the question too, but are there any other storage possibilities in Osaka or Kyoto?
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Kansai 2007/10/31 15:19
my apoloies for not beeing able to help you but I just wanted to ask you if you are aware that Kyoto is barely 30-40 minutes away from Osaka by very frequent commuter trains? it might be a god idea to stay there all the time rather than changing hotels for only one night.
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thanks... 2007/10/31 16:03
thanks for the thought, but there's another reason.
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